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New Training Program on Collaboration Between ENs and WIPA Projects

The Ticket Program Manager (MAXIMUS) provides various training opportunities throughout the year that Employment Networks (ENs) and State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies can use to learn more about the Ticket to Work Program. As part of this training effort, "Effective Practices Presentations" provide a platform for peer learning and sharing among the various Ticket Program partners - including WIPA projects. These presentations share tested practices, partnerships and business models to improve Social Security beneficiary employment results and long-term employment success.

MAXIMUS recently teamed up with the National Training and Data Center (NTDC) at Virginia Commonwealth University to create an exciting new 2 part Effective Practices Presentation which explores the relationship between the WIPA program and Ticket to Work Employment Networks (ENs). In "Collaboration between ENs and WIPA Projects: Part 1,” you will be able to identify the mission, goals, priorities, and limitations of the WIPA program and understand the five main components of WIPA services. Part 2 details the role of WIPA projects for engaging with ENs to promote and support Social Security disability beneficiaries. It also describes key strategies ENs can use to collaborate with WIPA projects for achieving the shared goal of supporting beneficiaries in their return to work efforts.

These presentations are available at no cost to any interested party. You can access both presentations at the Ticket To Work website here: