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Outstanding Professional Faculty Award

The National Training and Data Center (NTDC) is proud to announce that Ms. Julie Schall was the recipient of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education (SOE) 2018 Outstanding Professional Faculty Award. This award recognizes the exemplary service and contributions of an Administrative and Professional Faculty member to their unit within the School of Education.

For the past 15 years, Julie has provided exemplary service to hundreds of stakeholders across the country and made an extraordinary contribution to the NTDC. She is responsible for coordinating the NTDC’s training, certification, and continuing education program. Over the past year, Julie has coordinated registration activities for 14 classroom trainings, 18 online courses, and 23 webinars. She facilitates production meetings and coordinates training materials with faculty, online learning system staff, and web site staff. In addition, she also tracks training evaluation and certification data for a 1500- member continuing education database.

Julie is also responsible for the NTDC’s technology. She develops and compiles team guidance and program protocol documents for multiple projects and supervises web staff and database programmers. Julie has developed new procedures over the past year that have improved the speed and efficiency of the certification database, making it easier for Social Security staff to review and approve new training materials, and improved the accessibility of the NTDC website and Blackboard interfaces.

Anyone who has interacted with Julie knows the hallmark of her work performance is the exceptional service she provides to each of the individuals who contact her for support. Whether she is assisting an individual with a disability, a vocational rehabilitation counselor, a state agency representative, or a member of Social Security’s senior management team, her competence and caring personality set a standard for professionalism and high quality services. Julie is equally adept at providing accommodations to individuals that enable them to access and benefit from an NTDC training as she is responding to inquiries from federal agency staff members.

Join us in congratulating Julie for this achievement!