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New Initial Training and Certification Requirement for Community Partners

Social Security has established a new requirement for community partners who want to pursue the Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor initial training and certification.

Beginning with the San Diego October 2019 Initial Training registration that will open in mid to late August, all staff of community partner agencies or organizations are required to first successfully complete the VCU NTDC Introductory Web Course, “Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs”, before they are eligible to register for and participate in the CWIC and Community Partner Initial Training and Certification process.

The CWIC and Community Partner Initial Training and Certification is designed solely for professionals who deliver individualized work incentives counseling services to disability beneficiaries on a regular basis. Establishing the Introductory Web Course as a prerequisite is intended to help Community Partners understand what comprehensive, individualized work incentives counseling entails, and to make an informed decision about whether to pursue the initial training and certification.

Important Note for WIPA Projects: This requirement does not apply to staff and subcontractors of a WIPA project who will provide WIPA services. The requirement does, however, apply to other staff of a WIPA agency who do not provide WIPA funded services.

You can learn more about the Introductory Web Course and view a calendar of upcoming courses at the following web address:

If you have questions regarding the new requirement, please contact Molly Sullivan, VCU NTDC Director of Training and Certification at 503-703-3650 or