Understanding the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program

How Income and Resources Affect SSI

           How Income Affects SSI Eligibility and Payment Amount
           SSI Calculation Chart – Individual
           SSI Calculation Chart – Couple
           Retrospective Monthly Accounting
           Calculating Break-Even Points
           How Resources Affect SSI Eligibility
           SSI Calculation Examples

Employment and SSI

           Student Earned Income Exclusion Factsheet
           BWE Request Template
           IRWE Request Template
           Self-Employment And Social Security Disability Benefits
           FAQs about How Self-Employment Affects Social Security Disability Benefits
           Understanding Expedited Reinstatement
           SEIE Calculator
           Potential Effects of Employment on Family Members
           Comparison of IRWE and BWE Expenses
           Impairment Related and Blind Work Expenses and SSI
           Supplemental Social Security (SSI) Workbook

Deeming and In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) Resources

           Deeming Basics
           Spouse-to-Spouse Deeming
           Spouse-to-Spouse Deeming Steps
           Parent-to-Child Deeming
           Understanding In-Kind Support and Maintenance
           Facts about Rental Liability

Other Issues Related to SSI Benefits

           Eligible Couples
           SSI and Age 18 Redeterminations
           SSI for Homeless Beneficiaries
           FAQs about Taxes and SSA Disability Programs
           Understanding Section 301
           Transition to Retirement