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CWIC and Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training Description

Because of the complexity of work incentives, disability support, and poverty reduction programs, Social Security requires WIPA staff to participate in intensive initial training and pass a rigorous initial certification process prior to working with beneficiaries. The initial training is designed to provide CWICs with the basic skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs at a novice level. Initial training participants can expect the following:

  • The initial training is five (5) days in duration and is delivered in a classroom setting by two skilled and experienced NTDC trainers.
  • Initial training sessions include a variety of training strategies including lectures, small group activities, role-playing exercises and discussions.
  • All participants are provided with a printed WIPA Training Manual as well as additional reference materials and tools necessary to maximize learning. All training materials are provided in alternate formats upon request.
  • Due to the amount of complex regulatory material covered in the initial training, participants are required to complete a great deal of reading before and during the training.
  • Detailed information on the schedule and content is provided in the CWIC Initial Training Agenda:
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For more information about the CWIC and Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training and certification process, please contact:

Leigh Wright