CWIC and Community Partner Initial Training and Certification

The Community Work Incentives Coordinator (CWIC) and Community Partner Initial Training and Certification is designed for professionals who will deliver individualized work incentives counseling services to Social Security disability beneficiaries on a regular basis.

Work incentive counseling is the delivery of in-depth advisement to Social Security disability beneficiaries about the effect of an earning goal on their public benefits, including Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and other public benefits. Specifically, work incentives counseling includes:

  • Determining eligibility for work incentive counseling services;
  • Providing information about and referrals to programs that support work;
  • Gathering information about the beneficiary and verifying their public benefits;
  • Providing individualized advisement, including a Benefits Summary & Analysis (BS&A) report; and
  • Providing proactive ongoing work-related benefits support.

This training and certification program is a required component of the Social Security Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) program. WIPA program staff and subcontractors, including WIPA Program Directors and those who are already certified, have highest priority. Once we accommodate WIPA program staff, Social Security may also approve Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS) program staff who have completed the Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs Web Course; and select staff of community partner organizations to attend based on the specific requirements and priorities outlined in the Participation Requirements and Priorities section.

If you are currently not an EN and are interested in information on how you can become an EN, please visit Social Security's Employment Network Request for Application webpage.

The Initial Training consists of a rigorous 40-hour training program that supports WIPA staff and community partners in developing the basic knowledge and skills that are necessary to provide individualized work incentives counseling at a novice level. Initial training participants can expect the following:

  • The NTDC will deliver the Initial Training through a series of two interactive webinars over 10 business days. Participants will be required to attend all the webinars.
  • Two NTDC instructors will facilitate each interactive webinar and attendees will be required to participate in numerous activities and discussions throughout the series.
  • We provide all participants with a printed WIPA and Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Training Manual as well as additional reference materials and tools necessary to maximize learning. We can provide alternate formats of training materials upon request.
  • Due to the amount of complex regulatory material covered in the initial training, participants are required to complete a great deal of reading before and during the training.
  • Detailed information on the schedule and content is provided in the CWIC and Community Partner Initial Training Agenda :
    Word Version of 2022 Distance CWIC CP Initial Training Agenda   PDF Version of 2022 Distance CWIC-CP Initial Training Agenda

For more information about the CWIC and Community Partner Initial Training and certification process, please contact:

Stephanie Gage