Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs Web Course (Introductory Web Course)

Registration Process for Introductory Web Courses

In order to register for Introductory Web Course session, you must:

  1. Create a myNTC account (if you do not already have one).
  2. Log into your myNTC account.
  3. Click on Training Registrations.
  4. Click on the Introductory Web Course Trainings tab and follow the instructions provided.

You may also register through your myNTC account by clicking on the training registration link in the calendar below for the dates you would like to attend, and then follow the instructions to complete your registration request.

Once registration closes for an Introductory Web Course session, we will email all registered participants with additional web course details.

If you have any questions or support needs regarding registration for Introductory Web Course sessions, please contact Julie Schall at jaschall@vcu.edu or 804-827-0741.