Supplemental Trainings

CWICs provide counseling services that are based on complex regulatory material that changes over time. Given this, it is essential that CWICs receive training on an ongoing basis. The knowledge a fully proficient CWIC must acquire is so broad that it can only be developed gradually as experience is gained and additional training is received. The NTDC offers a rich selection of supplemental training events to broaden and deepen understanding of the core competencies beyond what is taught in initial training.

The NTDC delivers two types of supplemental trainings, including live supplemental training events and archived supplemental trainings.

Live NTDC supplemental training events include teleconference training sessions, webinars, and web courses that are delivered on specific dates by the NTDC team.

Supplemental trainings are intended to build on competency gained during the initial training. For this reason, only WIPA staff and Community Partners who have successfully completed initial training and Part One of the certification process are eligible to participate in the live supplemental training events.

Beginning in July 2016, fully certified WIPA staff and Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors will be able to earn Social Security required Continuing Certification Credits by participating in NTDC live supplemental training events, and successfully completing the competency-based assessment following the training.

To view a calendar and register for upcoming live supplemental training events, please click here.

Archived NTDC supplemental trainings are recordings of previous live NTDC trainings events that are posted to our website and available for viewing at any time. The archived supplemental trainings are available not only to WIPA staff and community partners who have participated in the initial training and certification process, but also to any other interested individuals. There is no cost associated with accessing the archived supplemental trainings.

Similar to NTDC live supplemental training events, fully certified WIPA staff and Community Partners who are participating in the Continuing Certification process may opt to complete archived trainings for credit. During the registration process, simply select the "Take for Credit" option. Continuing Certification Credits will be awarded after you certify that you have completed the training, and also successfully complete the online competency assessment.

To view information on available NTDC archived supplemental trainings and register, please click here.