Supplemental WIPA Training Programs

WIPA NTDC Supplemental Training: Understanding Medicare Web Course

Format: Web Course

Date(s): April 5 - 30, 2021


This four-week web course provides practical information on Medicare. The course will include an overview of the basics of Medicare and Medicare eligibility. Additionally, the course provides more detailed information about the Medicare Savings Programs and the Low-income Subsidy. The course will include assessments involving questions based on the material presented in each lesson. We will also have a discussion board that will you may use to ask question and post comments to help you understand the principles you have learned through discussion with other participants.

During this training you will learn: 

  • The CWIC’s role with Medicare issues and questions;
  • The basic structure and requirements for Medicare;
  • The basics of covered services, enrollment and costs for Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D;
  • The basics of Medigap, Medicare Coordination of Benefits and appeal rights;
  • The CWIC’s role in advising on the effect of work on Medicare;
  • What the Extended Period of Medicare Coverage is and when it will end for an individual;
  • The Premium-HI for the Working Disabled eligibility requirements;
  • When an individual can use Qualified Disabled Working Individual;
  • The CWIC’s role regarding Medicare Savings Programs;
  • The basic requirements and benefits of each Medicare Savings Program;
  • How earnings affect eligibility for Medicare Savings Programs;
  • The roles of SSA and the State Medicaid agency regarding the Medicare Savings Programs;
  • The CWIC’s role regarding Low Income Subsidy (LIS);
  • The eligibility criteria and enrollment process for Full LIS and Partial LIS;
  • The reporting requirements for LIS; and
  • The effect of employment on LIS.


Training Details:  

This course is largely self-directed and self-paced. We include all lessons and materials at the beginning of the course so that you can view them at your convenience. There is no set time to attend and complete each lesson, however, all course work must be completed by the last day of the course.  

  • Each of the subject lessons will require that you watch video presentations or access an alternate format.  
  • Each lesson will also include other supplemental materials to review.   
  • There will be a short assessment at the end of each lesson.  You must achieve a score of 80% or better to pass each assessment.  You will get two attempts to achieve a passing score. 
  • There is also required participation in a discussion board for this course.

Continuing Certification Credits (CCCs): 

If you are participating in the continuing certification process, we will record 9 CCCs in your myNTC account after the course ends if you successfully completed the course requirements.

If you are interested in CRCs for this course, please contact Julie Schall at once you have received the completion email.

Who should register for this training event?   

This training is open to all individuals who have completed Part I of the CWIC/Community Partner certification process or who are already certified.  WIPA Project Directors may participate regardless of certification status. POD Counselors who are provisionally or fully certified are also welcome to participate. 

Space is limited so please register early!

Registration will remain open until March 22, 2021. We will email confirmations shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact Julie Schall at or 804-827-0741.

We look forward to your participation in this important training event!