Supplemental WIPA Training Programs

WIPA NTDC Supplemental Training: Self-Employment and the Gig Economy Webinar

Format: Webinar

Date(s): May 27, 2021


For many people with disabilities the gig economy is proving to be an effective way to enter the workforce. A flexible schedule and greater autonomy are just a few of the draws to gig work. As more beneficiaries pursue this option, CWICs need to be prepared to address questions about the effect of gig work on public benefits. This supplemental training will explain the key steps CWICs should take when advising gig workers, and important considerations for self-employed Title II disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • Name three key steps CWICs should take when advising gig workers;
  • Explain the effect of a self-employed gig worker’s income on Title II disability and SSI benefits;
  • List three tips to share with a gig worker receiving SSI; and
  • List three tips to share with a gig worker receiving Title II disability benefits.


Completion Requirement:

You are required to complete a ten-question, multiple-choice, competency-based assessment successfully within one week after the training to receive completion credit.  The assessment will be located in your myNTC account.  You will receive additional instructions in your confirmation email on how to take the assessment.

Continuing Certification Credits (CCCs):

If you are participating in the VCU NTDC continuing certification process, we will record three (3) credits for this training in your myNTC account once you successfully complete the assessment. If you are interested in CRC credits, please email Julie Schall at once you complete the assessment.



Registration Information


Who should register for this training event?

This training is open to all WIPA CWICs and community partners who have completed Part I of the CWIC certification process or who are already certified.  WIPA Project Directors may participate regardless of certification status.  The training is also open to provisionally and fully certified POD Counselors.

How do I register?

Once you log into your myNTC account, select the Training Registrations section on your Welcome page, select the Supplemental Trainings tab, select the Register Online link for the Self-Employment and the Gig Economy webinar, and follow the instructions posted.

Registration will remain open until May 13, 2021. We will email confirmations of participation shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions about this training, please contact Julie Schall at or 804-827-0741.

We look forward to your participation in this important training event!